• PEEK resin since its inception, has been used as an important strategic IDF quantity, developed countries restrict exports to many countries. During this period, only some of the research institution

  • With the widening increasing PEEK resin production capacity and output, as well as the use of new products continue to be studied and developed. In 2002 the company introduced a Victrex PEEK resin he

  • PEEK resin was first proposed by the British company ICI in the late 1970s, the success of research and development, and industrial production in the early 1980s, and there is a product on the market

  • PEEK use2016-03-26

    In aerospace aviation, PEEK resin can replace aluminum and other metal materials of various aircraft parts, using its excellent flame retardant properties, it can be used to manufacture aircraft inte

  • Editors Note: Industrial machinery research and development on the one hand to be faithful to the market demand, we must also guide the direction of industrial development, with rent prices, labor sh

  • Due to peek having good mechanical properties, chemical resistance, radiation resistance and heat resistance, it can withstand up to 0.25Mpa pressure and high temperature of 260 ℃, while insoluble i

  • How much printing and dyeing industry stereotypes emissions as excessive? County in the lead gives a precise limits: the maximum allowable emissions of particulate matter concentration does not excee

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