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Production Status and Development of polyetheretherketone recommendations
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PEEK resin since its inception, has been used as an important strategic IDF quantity, developed countries restrict exports to many countries. During this period, only some of the research institutions in the process of application for import procedures, only a small amount of imports. With PEEK resins widely used in automotive, electronics, machinery and other civilian areas, and its export restrictions began to relax. In order to meet the development of China's national defense and civilian urgently needed to develop PEEK resin is included in the "Plan" national key scientific and technological projects and the state "863" plan, in the meantime, special engineering plastics Research Center of Jilin University completed a PEEK resin laboratory small test, all using domestic raw materials in the case, the development of synthetic routes proprietary PEEK resin. On this basis, "eight five" during the period of PEEK resin 10 tons / amplification experiment in scale, achieved a small batch production. To "during the" special engineering plastics Research Center of Jilin University has conducted 30 tons of PEEK resin / year scale pilot test and "Nine Five" at the end through the identification of acceptance. PEEK resin main performance indicators have reached similar foreign products.


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