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"Printing and dyeing industry stereotypes emission limits" From May 1 implementation
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How much printing and dyeing industry stereotypes emissions as excessive? County in the lead gives a precise limits: the maximum allowable emissions of particulate matter concentration does not exceed 30mg / m3, soot concentration does not exceed 40mg / m3. This is May 1 formally implemented DB330621 / T001-2013 "dyeing industry stereotypes exhaust emission limits," local standards clearly defined.
Printing and dyeing industry stereotypes emissions greater impact on the regional atmospheric environment, however, there has been no national standards and industry standards. For this reason, this year in the county under the lead of Quality Supervision Bureau, the county Environmental Protection Agency, the Information Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Lizhu town government departments and five jointly develop the local standards.
According to reports, the main basis of the standard county practical aspects of setting machine exhaust emission limits, exhaust gas sampling, test methods, waste gas treatment equipment and other detailed provisions.
It is reported that, in order to control air pollution, the county this year on setting machine exhaust conduct a comprehensive renovation to enhance the setting machine to install two exhaust gas treatment apparatus as electrostatic printing and dyeing industry, a new round of the county renovation project to enhance the important work, requiring full County All stereotypes electrostatic two exhaust treatment device must be installed before the end of 2014 to complete.


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