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Foreign PEEK production and consumption
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PEEK resin was first proposed by the British company ICI in the late 1970s, the success of research and development, and industrial production in the early 1980s, and there is a product on the market under the trade name "Victrex-PEEK".
    British Victrex is the world's first production of the manufacturers in the PEEK resin, PEEK resin products in the field has a monopoly market sales for 20% annual growth rate in 2001, net income grew 37 percent to $ 32.3 million, sales rose 23 percent to $ 104.3 million. Production capacity of the company PEEK resin has in 1996, 1999, 2000 and 2003 after four times the expansion, production capacity has reached 2800 tons / year. And in order to ensure the supply of raw materials, Victrex company achieved a reverse integration of production, in 1999 and 2000 has purchased a difluorobenzene ketone (DFDPM) production plant and a hydroquinone (BDF) production plant (50 % of the shares). In addition, Victrex company also plans over the next three to four years in Salton - 克雷维莱斯 Construction of two sets of comparable size PEEK resin production plant and a second set of two-fluoro benzophenone production facilities in order to provide new the PEEK resin production plant to provide raw materials.
    Victrex in Europe through its subsidiary Victrex PEEK resin products are sold in Europe, in the United States are sold by PEEK resin products through its subsidiaries Victrex, and in Japan by Mitsui Chemicals company formation (51/49 shares which accounted for 49 Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. %) joint venture company Victrex MC sell PEEK resin products.
    Recently, Mumbai, India Gharda Chemical Company in cooperation with Victrex company in Mumbai, India built a new production capacity of 120 tons / year of PEEK resin semi-industrial plant. The production installations and Victrex company produce different process routes, only one monomer raw materials, process low cost compared Victrex company, to produce the darker PEEK products, but 10% to 15% cheaper than Victrex company's products. Gharda company plans in the next few years will be expanded to its industrial production scale of 800 to 1000 tons / year. In the long run, Gharda Chemical Company Victrex company will be a strong contender, at least 10% of the world will seize the PEEK market.
    In addition, some multinational chemical companies such as DuPont and BASF were also similar to the production of high performance PEEK polymer, such as polyether ether ketone, but there is no industrial production.
    Currently, the world's total consumption of about PEEK resin is 1,800 tons / year, of which about 48 per cent in Europe, the United States accounted for about 41% of the Asia-Pacific region accounts for about 6%, about 5% in other regions. Products are mainly used in a number of areas including aerospace, industrial, electronics and medical sectors, including, where transportation spending is about 34% of total consumption, industrial sector accounted for 31%, 23% electronics, medicine areas of about 6%, and other aspects of about 6%.


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