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    In aerospace aviation, PEEK resin can replace aluminum and other metal materials of various aircraft parts, using its excellent flame retardant properties, it can be used to manufacture aircraft interior components in order to reduce harmful levels of aircraft when the fire.
    In terms of electronic appliances, PEEK resin has excellent electrical properties, is ideal for electrical insulation, high temperature, high pressure and high humidity and other harsh working conditions, can still maintain good electrical insulation properties. Therefore electrical and electronic fields gradually become the second largest application of PEEK resin. Since PEEK resin itself is high purity, stable mechanical and chemical properties, which makes silicon wafers during processing contamination is reduced. PEEK resin is not deformed in a wide temperature range, with its production of the parts may be subjected to high temperature heat treatment of the weld. According to this feature, in the semiconductor industry, PEEK resin used to manufacture the carrier wafer, an insulating film and a variety of electronic devices connected to, but can also be used wafer carrier sheet (Wafer Carriers) insulating film, connectors, printed circuit boards high temperature connectors and the like. Further, PEEK resin can also be applied μg / L Ultra-pure water transport, storage equipment, such as pipes, valves, pumps, etc. and volume. Now VLSI Japan and other countries have been produced using PEEK resin material.
    In health care, PEEK resin in addition to the requirements for the production of high sterilization, surgical and dental equipment to be used repeatedly and produced precision medical instruments, the most important application is an alternative to artificial bone made of metal. PEEK resin produced by artificial bone in addition to a lightweight, non-toxic, corrosion resistance and other advantages, or plastic material with the human skeleton closest to the material, with the combination of the body, so instead of using PEEK resin metal human skeleton it is a very important applications in the medical field, has far-reaching significance and value of its potential applications would be very gratifying.
    In the fuel source for electricity, PEEK resin has a high temperature resistance, not easily hydrolyzed, and also resistant to radiation, so with its production of wire and cable bobbin, have been successfully used in nuclear power plants.
    In the oil exploration and production industry, it can be used in the manufacture of mining machinery involved in the special geometry of the probe.
    In machinery industries, PEEK resin used to produce compressor valves, piston rings, seals and a variety of chemical used pump, valve components. The resin instead of stainless steel vortex pump impeller, can significantly reduce the wear and noise level, extending its life. In addition, due to the PEEK resin complies tube set specifications workpiece material at high temperatures can still use a variety of adhesive bonding, so its modern connector will be another potential application market.
    In the automotive and other industries, the use of PEEK resin good rub resistance and mechanical properties, can be used as a substitute for stainless steel and titanium metal used to manufacture the engine hood, automotive bearings, gaskets, seals, and other clutch toothed ring spare parts, in addition can also be used in the car's transmission, brakes and air conditioning systems. Currently Boeing, AMD, Nissan, NEC, Sharp, Chrysler, GM, Audi, Airbus has begun large-scale use of this material; in coatings, the fine powder coating PEEK resin covering the metal surface can be obtained having insulating properties good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, water resistance of PEEK powder coating metal products, widely used in anti-corrosion chemicals, home appliances, electronics, machinery and other fields. In addition, PEEK resin can also be used for manufacturing a liquid chromatograph with a packed column and connecting ultrafine tube.


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